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Plus Straw is a personal straw that you can take with you everywhere you go. Simply attach the case to your pocket or keys, and you're ready to abandon single-use straws forever. Use the brush included in the set to clean your straw after each use.

Each set contains:

1 x retractable stainless steel straw that extends to 23cm

1 x carry case in aluminium – Rose Gold, Black, Blue, Red or Silver

1 x retractable cleaning metal wire brush that extends to 23.5cm

1 x aluminium clip


 Put an end to your single-use plastic/paper straw 

 Portable & ready to travel with you 

 Adjustable length to suit your cup

  Easy to clean

 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable 

 Australian Owned 


Why You Should Only Use Plus Straws 

We all know plastic is not good for the environment and especially marine life. Australian scientists estimate that there are approximately 7.5 million plastic straws just polluting the Australian shorelines, and anywhere from 437 million and 8.3 billion plastic straws cluttering shorelines across the globe. That seems excessive, right?

But then, plastic straws are just a small fraction of the 8 million metric tons of plastic that goes into the ocean each year. Straws are an even smaller fraction of the 2.5 billion metric tons of waste that are produced around the world. See how it all adds up?

According to research, about 500,000 plastic straws are used daily. Plus, they estimated that 100,000 marine animals die due to plastic debris in their ecosystem. 

Your Plus Straws are reusable and environmentally friendly. You'll never have to use plastic straws again.

If you can't re-use it, refuse it. 

Our Mission

Pod Plus is on a mission to help reduce single use plastic around Australia! Our products are made from strong, life-lasting stainless steel - which basically means they last a lifetime and do not break. Plastic is killing more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year. Additionally, more than 90% of all birds and fish are believed to have plastic particles in their stomach. It's because plastic breaks up into tiny pieces in the sea, which are then consumed by fish and other sea animals- and this plastic eventually ends up being digested by humans. That’s why our mission is critical, and we want Aussies to be able to play their part. You can join the Eternity Pods family today with FAST & FREE shipping Australia wide on all orders over $50. 

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