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What coffee machines are your pods compatible with

  • To see which Pod functions for your coffee machine, check the compatibility page

How many Pod Plus capsules do you recommend?

  • We suggest at least 2 pods. If you make many coffees, we would also recommend buying a few extra pods, as they are hot to handle when they come straight out of your coffee machine.

What Coffee Mix should I use?

  •  Any of your favourite coffee mixes can be used

Are Eternity Pods dishwasher safe?

  1. Yes, you can wash them in your dishwasher.
  2. After having used the capsule, be careful to wait a few minutes before grabbing it as it will be hot. Grab it and empty the coffee inside once its temperature has decreased. Then clean it with water.
  3. Make sure there is no more ground coffee trapped somewhere prior to cleaning the capsule.

How long does shipping take?

  • Shipping takes 9-17 days

Why is my product being shipped from outside of Australia?

  • When we are low on stock we ship directly from our manufacturer outside of Australia for customer convenience. Shipping times will still be as claimed. All parcels are insured and secured. 

Why is my coffee is coming out watery?

  • If the water flows too quickly it means you packed your capsule too lightly or the grind on your coffee is too coarse. We recommend grinding your beans to a fine-to-medium coarseness if you're using a grinder. If the grind is correct and water is still flowing too quickly, then pack your coffee capsule tighter. 

Why is the coffee is just dripping out of my coffee machine?

  • Try using a slightly more course grind or tamping softer.

I don't think my Pod fits my machine

  • Check Our Compatibility Page for information
  • Your Pod Plus reusable capsule will feel different in the chamber to the single-use pods you may be used to using. They are made from a tougher material so you will need to put a little more elbow grease into locking in your pod.
  • Some machine can be a bit stiff in the beginning, if you're having trouble try removing the o-ring from the pod and you should be able to close the handle.
  • For Dolce Gusto, you will need to aline the arrow/hole on the top of your pod with the markings on the front of the Dolce Gusto pod cradle – this will ensure that the machines needle can lock into the pod.

My coffee is dripping out of my coffee machine

  • If it flows very slowly to the point of dripping, the pod is packed too tight or the coffee is too fine. If you have packed it really tight it may stop the flow altogether. We recommend grinding your beans on to a fine-to-medium grind if you're using a grinder. If you're using the correct grind and the water still slowly drips out, pack your Eternity Pod capsule a little lighter. 

How do I make my coffee stronger?

  • Depending how you like your coffee, you may need a second shot, especially if you have milk. You can also try a stronger coffee blend, but we prefer to fill 2 capsules per coffee and run each one a little shorter than normal.

Why is coffee dripping into my pod basket catcher?

  • Put an empty Pod Plus capsule into your machine.

  • Press the short shot button on your machine. Does the water flow freely through the pod? If yes, now fill your pod with coffee and press the short shot on your machine.

Is the coffee coming out in your tray with very little coming out into your cup?

  • If so, your coffee is ground too fine and the water cannot push through the coffee inside the pod. Disposable coffee pods use coffee that is ground coarser so the water can flow easily through the pod. We recommend a "stove top grind"
  • Using a grinder will allow to roast any roasted beans which you can grind fine to medium at home.
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